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Luah Jassi

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Luah Jassi is a Brazilian visual artist who is also a lawyer and an economist. She was born on June 2, 1955 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. She currently lives in Criciúma, a city also in Santa Catarina, South of Brazil, where her studio is located.

The artist explores spontaneity, expressing her emotions and offering a mystery that draws the viewer’s eye into it.

Her process starts with documents related to the history of art. She aims to convey joy by engaging a complex paint mechanism. The technique produces a rustic look that delivers uniqueness to her artwork.

In April and October of 2022, the artist’s latest collections, Cabaret and Women of the '60s, were showcased at Le Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and the Art Salon of Brussels in Belgium. She was represented by Vivemos Arte Gallery.

The artist’s work consists in the presentation of the greater Good, Love. 
She expresses the importance of the Good, of being thoughtful towards the details of the heart, the one which holds the most profound feelings. 

Throughout our actions, we have the opportunity to multiply the Good, to “sweep” the dreadful things and people in our lives, thus avoiding the waste of our time and energy. She also represents some types of hearts: those which suffocate their loved ones, those which overflow thanks to their contagious joy, and those which break other hearts, with their inconsiderate actions. Therefore, she calls our attention over our words, in order to avoid carrying another heart among our hands. 

Where to and how do you hold the hearts connected to you? 


Amarras do Coração
Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023.


Bruxas Voam
Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023


Em Construção
Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023

Obra 07-ref.jpg

Coração no Peito
Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023


Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023


Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023


Sem Borogodó
Mixed media on canvas - 50 x 90 cm - 2023

Augmented Reality:

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