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The Louvre is a collection of Palaces that houses the largest museum in the world, condensing 8,000 years of Art History. It was born around the year 1200 like strength of protection to the kingdom Filipe Augusto. Only in the effervescent French Revolution or more in 1793 that the Louvre became Museum. Today, the Louvre Museum exhibits over 300,000 works of art, assembled in 7 departments: Oriental Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek Antiquities and Truscas and Romanes, paintings, sculptures and objects of arts.

Carrousel du Louvre held an International Contemporary Art Exhibition, in which the Galleries of the World completed their show with the Art market, being a highly contested showcase of today.


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Rio de Janeiro - Wonderful City has the biggest international tourist destination in Brazil, Latin America and the Southern Hemisphere, being the most well-known city in the Exterior. It is one of the most important economic centers of Brazil, being propitiated by the incomparable scenery of natural beauties like the Pão de Açúcar and the Corcovado, of world dimension.

The Vivemos Arte gallery - Rio de Janeiro holds the We Live Art Exhibition every year, with the aim of promoting artists from various countries. For almost 20 years in the market, Vivemos Arte carries its history focused on diversity in the artistic environment such as dramaturgy, humor programs, reality shows, national and international exhibitions, among others. We Live Art brings to your audience a cultural and artistic diversity.

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